Quilter's Cocoon-Makes History with Biggest Clearance Sale Ever!

I think Pagen went CRAZY!

Largest clearance sale Cocoon has ever had in almost 10 years in business

It all started when Pagen told me, "the shop husband" that we needed more shelving because we have so much fabric there is some on the floor and some stacked so high it's a hazzard. We talked about what kind and did some measuering and thought it would be great if we could find some antique's. We are ready for some new looks, we want to try carrying wools again because we've been asked about it a lot as well as some 30's and reproductions. 

She has never really been interested in antiques but now, we've opened a can of worms or more like snakes. We went to some antiques shops and found some really cool stuff. I had to drag her out of some and others basicaly told us I'm sorry we are closing now. Some things we picked up were ready to go right in the shop and some others need some work so I have those at home working on them. Pagen told me Sunday that she was going to the shop Monday to do some cleaning and moving things around. Generally she is there a couple hours. Well hours went by and I called to see how she was doing. She hadn't eaten and it was 2:00 so I took her some lunch. HOLY COW, that is when I discovered she went crazy. We had to cancel our free Wednesday sew because the class room is litteraly full of clearance stuff. 

So here is the deal! Hundreds of bolts of Cottons $5.99 per yard, Flannel $6.99, Hundreds of Panels $5.00, pre-cuts, books, kit's, etc. This is all new sale stuff not pulled from our regular sale section. 

 This photo doesn't even show all of it. Sale now through Saturday. 

Road to California deals! Pre-Sale Handi Quilter
Avante 18 Long Arm classroom demos $7995.00, with new frame and bobbin winder. Avante Pro-Stitcher show model $15,295.00. Sweet Sixteen sit down show model $4,295.00. Call Richard for more information 909-633-1297

We still have some pre-sale tickets for Road. 

Hope I didn't leave anything out, The Shop Husband

Rumor control from a clearance like this, NO WE ARE NOT CLOSING! We are transforming, revamping and growing.


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