One Block Wonder

One-Block Wonder
This amazing quilt is made using only ONE print fabric for the body of the quilt and border, or use a different coordinating print for the border. This is a fun quilt to make each hexagon block is a surprise. NO Y seams and NO FUSSY cutting!

* Pattern required *

Supply List

Purchase pattern:

One-Block Wonder by Maxine Rosenthal or One-Block Wonders encore! By Maxine Rosenthal & Joy Pelzmann

We will be making the hexagon One-Block Wonder. For this quilt you will need at least 6 pattern repeats to make the quilt blocks plus amount needed for the borders. The size of your quilt will depend on the size of the repeats. Size of repeat will decide how many yards you will need.

Examples: 12" repeat x 6 repeats = 2 1/8 yards - 18’ repeat x 6 repeats = 3 1/8 yards. This equals 6 times the repeat plus 1/8 yard extra to make sure you get the whole repeat, the smaller the repeat the smaller the quilt. If you want a bigger quilt and the repeats are small, double the amount buy 12 repeats. If you want the border out of the same fabric you will need to buy extra. The amount of yardage for border needed will depend on how big your quilt turn out and how wide you want your border.

Tools needed:

Flat flower head pins, rotary cutter, mat, 60% ruler, grid ruler, scissors, thread and your sewing machine.

It is helpful to have either a flannel backed table cloth or flannel backed yardage to use as a design wall for the second session of the class. We will be doing the layout then.
Cost: $ 60.00
Instructor Name:Stephanie Gant
Instructor Bio:Stephanie Gant