Wolf or Cow Abstractions

Pattern:  the WOLF ABSTRACTIONS or the COW ABSTRACTIONS by Violet Craft

There are a few kits available.  Please check with Quilter's Cocoon.

Before class preparation: 
1.  Please take your pattern to Staples and have them copy front and back sides of pattern onto 11" x 17" paper, single-sided.

2.  Roughly cut out all copied units leaving about 1/4".  Organize them in numerical order.

What to bring to class:
Prepared patterns, all fabrics, and supplies below.


* Sewing machine, cord, pedal.... in good working order.
* Open toe foot for your machine, or applique foot, or clear foot.
* Chrome needles 90/14
* Add-A-Quarter Plus Ruler (12")
* Small iron and ironing mat
* Small cutting mat and rotary cutter, small ruler (8" x 12" or similar)
* Scissors - One for fabrics and one for paper
* Pins
* Seam ripper

* Fabric glue pen or glue stick
* Neutral thread
* Thread catcher if you have one
* and any other supplies for your sewing comfort

Cost: $ 30.00