Classic Umbrella

Rain or shine, this custom umbrella will keep you covered. This is an easy sewing machine and serger project and can be made in a one day class.

Supply list for Classic Umbrella
* Your Sewing Machine including power cord, foot control and owners manual

* Your Serger including power cord, foot control, owners manual and all accessories
including tweezers

* Pattern, “Classic 48” Umbrella” by My Little World
* Umbrella Frame #1020 by My Little World
* 3 Serger Cones – matching
* Regular Sewing Thread and bobbin for sewing machine
* Topstitch Thread or Buttonhole Twist
* Hand Sewing Needle (for topstitch thread)
* #80 Universal Needles (check the style and size for your serger in the owners manual)
* Fray Check or other seam sealant
* Tacky Glue or Fabric Glue
* Waterproofing Spray (such as Scotch Gard)
* Scissors
* Glass Head Pins
* Seam Ripper
* Fabric Requirements: 100% Cotton Print
54” Wide - 1 ½ yds
45” Wide - 1 ¾ yds
43” Wide - 1 7/8 yds
22” Wide - 2 ¾ yds
**I have added an extra ¼ yd to each of these requirements just in case

Please have all supplies purchased and/or gathered before class.

Please bring a sack lunch.
Cost: $ 30.00