Pineapple Stars

2 day class

$60.00 + $15.00 (8) pattern/sheets for the diamond section that the teacher will supply

Teacher:  Stephanie Gant

In the book, I am using the pattern Springtime Glow on the cover and on page 61.

Quilt size:  66.75 x 66.75 (5R)

Yardage you will need is on the next page 62.

Cutting amounts are on page 63 under Large 5R

Even though the quilt looks involved, it is a good quilt for beginning Paper Piecing.

I named my quilt You Can Do It!  because you can.

Book and Supplies:
Pineapple Stars book by Sharon Rexroad
Quilt in a Day 45 degree Kaleidoscope (triangle ruler)
Rotary Cutter and mat
Small binder clip or Wonder Clips
Add-A-Quarter Ruler
Piece of plastic or postcard (for folding the pattern)
Tweezers, small screwdriver (the one that comes with your sewing machine is fine), Thread, scissors, pins
Sewing machine and normal sewing supplies * Helpful to bring all your sewing feet and manual in case we need them.

Following the yardage amount in book under Large 5R (on page 62), I would get 1/8 yard of Crisscross and Ring fabrics.  For the focal floral fabric you need 8 for each end of the points of the diamonds equal 16 triangles.  Each end does not have to match, just the center points and then the outer points.  I cut my triangles and the floral strips out of 1 yard, but I would suggest that you  get 1/4 yard extra.

*If you want a different variation in fabric placement, you can select a different one from the book.  Use the large 5R yardage amounts.  In some of the examples you will see a ring near the center of the quilt which is the zinger row.

If you want to do some cutting ahead of class cut only the strips for the Crisscross and the Ring.  They will all be 1.75 inches wide except for the outer row of the ring.  Don't cut all the strips, just enough to get you started.  Label the strips and the fabric you cut them from.  As in my example there are 5 different Orange colors in the Crisscross section.  Do not sub cut them, we will be using the full WOF and cutting to fit the section as we sew it out.

If you have any questions you can reach Stephanie at 949-633-2916

Cost: $ 60.00
$60.00 class fee + $15.00 for paper pattern payable to teacher or you can copy your own.