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Handi Quilter Sales & Service

Quilter's Cocoon has been a Handi Quilter Sales and Service center for 13 years. Every year since we have been in the top 20 sales and rated #1 Handi Quilter Way Award for service by Handi Quilter and by our customers. 

Richard, is the sales guy and guru of the machines. He knows them inside and out. You can call Handi Quilter and they recommend Quilter's Cocoon for sales and service. 

When you purchase a machine from us you don't just get a bunch of boxes. The Cocoon comes with it for the remainder of the time you own the machine. Richard gives you his personal cell phone number for customers to call anytime day or night for technical support. 

We are not allowed to give prices over the internet but we do sell at Show Prices. You can call Richard for a pricing at 909-633-1297. Also, when you purhcase your machine from QC all accessories and thread are 25% off for as long as you own your machine. 

Service is Richard's #1 Priority! He prides himself on customer satisfaction. Don't settle for less than the best. Call Richard or the Cocoon today

Tips For Quilters:

When you load your quilt be sure and load the quilt back on the back bar first.  Roll it up and the attach the front (belly bar) leader to the bottom of your quilt back, then roll the belly bar and hold some light tension on the back barThis will set the tension evenly on your quilt back.   Roll to your desired start point.  Place your batting and place your quilt top and align so it is aligned.  Base stitch your top down and you are ready to quilt.  This procedure will eliminate soft spots half or three quarters through your quilt.  Watch for more helpful hints or ask your quilt question.